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True or False

Place a check mark next to the TRUE statements below.

1. The Mississippi River dumps 300 million cubic yards of sediment from its riverbank into the Gulf of Mexico each year.
2. The geologic column "proves" the Earth is old.
3. Coal is supposed to have been laid down during the Cretaceous Period.
4. The trilobite is considered to be an "index fossil."
5. Often, fossils are dated according to the rocks in which they are found, and occasionally rocks are dated according to the fossils found in them.
6. A fossilized whale has been discovered at an angle (almost on its tail) in diatomaceous earth.
7. The term for "very straight" fossils is polystrate.
8. Prior to water diversion projects, Niagra Falls was eroding at 3 inches per year.

Multiple Choice

Select the correct answers below.

1. If the rocks "date" the fossils, and the fossils "date" the rocks,
this is circular reasoning
this is of little concern
this is good science
this is acceptable

2. According to evolutionists, man's history represents approximately what fraction of the geologic record?

3. Human footprints in coal have been found in which state(s):

4. All of the following have been found as polystrate fossils except which of the following organisms:

5. "The present is the key to the past" is the catch phrase describing:


Match the related concepts (place the correct letter in the space provided by each number).

1. Current age of Earth according to evolutionists A. O'Rourke
2. We are living in which geologic period? B. Mesozoic
3. The scientist who stated: "Science rejects the attractive explanation that man made these mysterious footprints... with his feet." C. 4.6 billion years
4. Time evolutionists believe humans have been on the Earth D. Mark Twain
5. The scientist who said: "The intelligent layman has long suspected circular reasoning in the use of rocks to date fossils to date rocks." E. 3-5 million years
6. These fossils were found in the Green River Formation in Wyoming. F. Catfish
7. Stated: "There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact." F. Quarternary
8. Often referred to as the "age of the dinosaurs." F. Albert G. Ingalls

Fill In The Blanks

1. In 1936, a metal hammer with a wooden handle was dug out of limestone.

2. William J. Meister found a fossil of a trilobite embedded in the of a human.

3. A fossilized leather sole imprint, with a double line of sewed stitches, was found in rock estimated to be around 225 million years old.

4. Fossilized have been found spanning two or three sedimentary layers.

5. are microscopic algae.

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