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True or False

Place a check mark next to the TRUE statements below.

1. The word dinosaur is found in only one place in the Bible.
2. We now know for certain that a giant asteroid was the cause of the dinosaurs' extinction.
3. Over 11,000 Indian burial stones have been located, with almost one-third depicting pictures of dinosaurs on them.
4. In 1990, samples of various dinosaur bones were submitted for Carbon-14 dating, and came back with dates of over 250 million years old.
5. Dinosaur figurines were found near Acambaro, Mexico with radiocarbon dates ranging from 1110 B.C. to 4530 B.C.
6. The behemoth was probably a hippopotamus or an elephant.
7. The largest dinosaur known to walk the Earth was Triceratops, which weighed in at over 120 tons.
8. Gideon Mantell was an American fossil hunter who eventually named nine new genera of dinosaurs.

Multiple Choice

Select the correct answers below.

1. Evolutionists advocate that dinosaurs evolved from some ancient reptile about:
500 million years ago
2 million years ago
65 million years ago
200 million years ago

2. Which of the following are used to describe the behemoth?
Taller than the lotus tree
Chief of the ways of God
Bones are as tubes of brass
Moves its tail like a cedar

3. Who coined the term dinosaur?
Gideon Mantell
Arthur Lakes
Othniel Marsh
Richard Owen

4. The word dinosaur comes from the Greek words deinos and sauros meaning
Large lizard
Terrible lizard
Man-eating monster
Green giant

5. Samuel Hubbard discovered an ancient Indian pictograph of a:
Sheep dog
Cave man
Flying saucer


Match the related concepts (place the correct letter in the space provided by each number).

1. Named 19 new genera of dinosaurs A. 1611
2. Is on record as stating the study of dinosaurs set him on his path to becoming an evolutionist B. Megalosaurus
3. Stood over three stories tall and weighed over 100 tons C. Othniel Marsh
4. Year the term dinosaur was invented D. Argentinosaurus
5. Year that the King James Version of the Bible was translated into English E. Stephen Jay Gould
6. The literal meaning is "Iguana-tooth" F. 1842
7. Saw fossilized teeth while walking along a road in England F. Iguanodon
8. Bones of this creature were found in Oxfordshire F. Mary Ann Mantell

Fill In The Blanks

1. Dinosaurs and men lived as on the Earth.

2. Mark 10:6: "But from the of creation, male and female made he them" (ASV).

3. Genesis 2:1 clearly states that at the end of the six days, the Creation was " ."

4. Samuel Hubbard found impressive drawings of an elephant and a in the Hava Supai canyon.

5. According to Harvard evolutionist George Gaylord Simpson, the only mammals around during the period of the dinosaurs were "small, mostly -sized, and rare."

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