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True or False

Place a check mark next to the TRUE statements below.

1. What a person believes does not affect how that person acts.
2. Morality is the habit of following the rules of proper conduct.
3. Morality and ethics deal with the question: "How should we behave?"
4. Everyone in the world thinks some things are right and others are wrong.
5. Animals have a system of morality and ethics.
6. A pleasant society would live by the rule: "Might makes right."
7. According to relativism, values are based on culture and environment.
8. True morality is based on the unchanging nature of God.

Multiple Choice

Select the correct answers below.

1. The belief that states, "Get the greatest possible pleasure with the least pain?"

2. The belief that claims there are no universal rules for determining morals.

3. Morals and ethics arise only in which group of living things?
All mammals
Only humans
Humans and some animals

4. Which phrase best describes the things that God does or approves?
Sometimes bad
Almost always good
Always good
Neither good nor bad

5. A society based on the idea of godless evolution would be which of the following?

Fill In The Blanks

1. What a person is the main force behind how a person .

2. Everyone agrees that some things are and other things are .

3. If is correct and there is no , then people can do they want.

4. In the evolutionary scheme of things, occupies the same status as an .

5. Convince children they came from and they will act like .


Match the Bible verse with the main idea in the verse (place the correct letter in the provided space by each number).

1. God is eternal A. Titus 2:12
2. God is holy B. Romans 2:5-6
3. God is good C. 1 Timothy 1:17
4. God is perfect D. Hebrews 6:18
5. Man is made in the image of God E. Matthew 5:48
6. God cannot lie F. Genesis 1:26-27
7. Man should live soberly, righteously, and godly G. Mark 10:18
8. God will render to every man according to his works H. 1 Peter 1:15-16

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