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True or False

Place a check mark next to the TRUE statements below.

1. Proving such things as God's existence and the legitimacy of Christianity is an option, not an obligation.
2. Faith is independent of knowledge.
3. Not all faith is based upon experiential knowledge.
4. Biblical faith cannot be derived from credible testimony.
5. The disciples were quick to believe the testimony of Mary Magdalene.
6. We often have faith in things we can see with our eyes.
7. Biblical faith never implies doubt.
8. God has not endowed man with free will.

Multiple Choice

Select the correct answers below.

1. This man said he would not believe Jesus had risen from the dead unless he could physically touch Him.

2. This is the one permanent revelation of God.
Direct communications

3. Those who wrote the Bible were guided by:
Jewish rabbis
The Holy Spirit
Their own thoughts

4. A supernatural disclosure by God of truth that cannot be discovered by the unaided powers of human reason.

5. Biblical faith can be obtained through all of the following ways except:
Reliable testimony
Experiential knowledge
Divine revelation


Match the related concepts (place the correct letter in the space provided by each number).

1. Grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus A. John 20:27
2. God wants all men to have knowledge of the truth B. 1 Thessalonians 5:21
3. Give a defense/answer for what you believe C. 2 Peter 3:18
4. Test all things D. 1 Timothy 2:4
5. "Walk by faith, not by sight" E. 2 Corinthians 5:7
6. Don't be faithless, but believe F. James 1:6-7
7. Whatever is not of faith is sin G. Romans 14:23
8. Ask in faith, without doubting H. 1 Peter 3:15

Fill In The Blanks

1. Faith is not a into the dark, but a in the light.

2. God has Himself to mankind, via the - books of the Bible.

3. is the very of doubt.

4. Apollos used the to prove that Jesus is the (Acts 18:28).

5. confirmed the words of prophecy.

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