Weekly bulletin article by Mike Johnson

We really have a good time with our Little Hands Preschool on Thursdays. The children are so fun to be around. They love being here! They are always so excited to learn new things and do so many activities.

Former students have come back to visit from time to time and talk about our school. One child was talking about Kindergarten and comparing it to what he enjoyed here. “My school does not have kitchen time or craft time! And, they don’t ever have Bible time and singing!” They just love these things.

There are other things we do in preschool that they don’t seem to get as excited about. Most of those things, as you would suppose, have to do with disciplinary issues. One of those is walking in a line to the classes.

The teachers lead the kids to the various classes by having them follow along in a line. Now kids will be kids and they don’t really pay attention to the line concept as well as they maybe should. They are easily distracted and veer away. Some even get out of line intentionally. They are not malicious; they are just a little mischievous.

Following is not always easy. Distraction, mischievousness, and laziness are challenges to anyone who is supposed to be following. Following is a decision that requires determination, resolve, attention, and precision. It is not following if you are being dragged along. It is not following if you are being driven from behind.

Following is submission to a leader. The Lord has designed His Church with a shepherd/sheep image. The shepherds lead and the sheep follow. Therefore, “Obey those who rule over you and be submissive…” (Hebrews 13:17) In other words, follow them. Followers follow.