Weekly bulletin article by Mike Johnson

Little Hands Preschool is one of the highlights of my week. Now, understand that I am ready for the summer break every time it rolls around. This week is the last week before that summer break! I know the teachers all feel the same way. But, the time spent in preschool is well worth the effort and energy!

My particular responsibility is chapel or singing and Bible story time every day. It is so fun to sing with the children and watch their faces. It is so fun to tell them a Bible story and watch their faces as they are riveted to the every detail. (Because of this, one of the girls calls me Bible. I think she really thinks that is my name!)

After the assembly of singing and storytelling, we have developed a routine. A different class each day gets to help me put the communion table back in its proper place. We move it each day because we do some rowdier singing together. Many times I act like I am trying to move it with them, but I am actually pushing against them. They get a kick out of it and simply try to push harder. Their efforts are rewarded as we put the table back in place.

The reason for the struggle is obvious. As long as we are pushing against each other, we will not move the table at all. I am able to push against them and hold the table in place.

Moms and dads must work together to guide and mold their families. Things will not go smoothly when they work against each other. Peter reminded husbands and wives that they are “…heirs together of the grace of life, that your prayers may not be hindered.” (I Peter 3:7)