Weekly bulletin article by Mike Johnson

I love summer time road trips! Rebecca and I did a marathon road trip in the summer of 2011 in celebration of what could be called a half-marathon marriage -30 years. We drove 8,114 miles passing through and visiting 19 states stopping to experience many wonderful places for three weeks!

We took another road trip with Austin and Aubri to visit the places where I grew up. We visited Valdosta, GA the home of my grandparent's farm. We took a picture of them under the road sign named Johnson Road. We drove to Quincy, FL to take a picture of the first place I ever preached regularly.

The final stop was Marianna, FL -my hometown. We visited such important places as my old high school, the place of my first job, the church building where I obeyed the gospel, and the old home places. Rebecca called this the Mike Johnson Memorial Tour, which concerned me for a while because I was still alive, but…

There was a common denominator in all of these road trip destinations -God was at every one of them! We all know it is not possible to run away to a place where God is not. Jonah tried it and discovered that God is even in the belly of a great fish!

Paul informed the people of Athens that God was everywhere telling them that, “He is not far from each one of us…” (Acts 17:27) They had erected altars and monuments to every god they worshipped even making one dedicated to the “THE UNKNOWN GOD” (Acts 17:23). Though they did not acknowledge Him, He was there. Since He is everywhere, we should acknowledge His presence with us on vacation and assemble with Christians wherever we are.