Weekly bulletin article by Mike Johnson

A manager has a wide range of responsibilities. A baseball manager has a pitching coach, a hitting coach, a bullpen coach, and many others with whom he must work while exerting the needed influence and control toward the common goal—winning. A store manager has various people in different departments whom he must oversee and with whom he must work in order to grow the business.

A manager’s work relies on competent people with talents and a work ethic in order to move the organization forward and make it better. No good manager would ever take all the credit for any organizational success. Rather, a good manager will praise the work of everyone in the organization. That praise will only result in even greater work and team unity.

A father’s role is much like a manager. Paul defines a husband’s role in Ephesians 5:23, “…the husband is the head of the wife…” His influence and control should be seen in the way that he relies on his wife’s talents while moving them both forward toward the common goal—heaven.

Peter’s words in I Peter 3:1-7 address husbands and wives within the context of grace. He wrote that husbands and wives are “heirs together of the grace of life” (verse 7). Life is a gift bestowed on us by our parents and our God. When we choose marriage, we begin a teamwork that relies on the talents and efforts of both people to accomplish common goals.

Husbands are the managers of this grace. Wives are the supporters of this grace. Each, along with whatever children come into this union, is benefitted by the proper management and teamwork of that home. In this proper arrangement, prayers to God are not hindered they are propelled.