Weekly bulletin article by Mike Johnson

I have known some lazy people. They did not want to work a job. They did not want to do much of anything. Their only apparent form of exercise was moving from the lounge chair to the bathroom and back again. Admittedly, their thumbs got a good workout as they moved constantly between three or four buttons on a gaming controller.

Now, I must not be too hard on them. I admit that I have had some times of laziness. However, the Bible’s negative view of laziness is not momentary bouts of lazy down time. It is about a lifestyle of slothful failure to continue in the Christian life.

Summer time is a great time to be lazy! The heat and humidity yell loudly to you to come out and spend some time in a hammock and drink some lemonade! I plan to do the hammock thing this summer as I have Ezra and Zoe. I can hardly wait for that bit of down time!

And, summer time is a time of vacations and travel. It is easier to sleep in on Sunday mornings while on vacation than to make plans to assemble for worship wherever you are. It is easier to sit and watch a movie without ever taking time to do quality Bible study. It is easier to be lazy than to exert effort to grow spiritually.

However, it is that effort and energy that leads to victory in heaven! Peter told his audience to add some key attributes to their spiritual repertoire (II Peter 1:5-7). Then, he said, “If these things are yours and abound, you will be neither barren (lazy) nor unfruitful…” (II Peter 1:8) His final words identify the victory that comes through overcoming laziness, “…an entrance will be supplied to you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” (II Peter 1:11).