Weekly bulletin article by Mike Johnson

Each person will face a number of important questions throughout life. Where will I go to college? Where will I live and work? Will you marry me? When will we have children?

However, there is one question that is more important than all the others combined. It really is a life-and-death question. The question is, “If I die tonight, where will I be in eternity?”

The saddest part of this question is that most people either do not know the question and answer or do not care about either one. We have neighbors who are lost. We may have family members who are lost. One thing is for sure—each one of us knows someone who is lost.

The next question seems obvious to me. Have you said or done anything to any of these people? Are you afraid to say something? Or, do you just not know what to say? If you had something to say or if you had something to give to one of those people whom you know is lost, would you do it?

The great commission from Jesus is intended for every person who calls himself or herself a Christian. There will be no Christian in heaven who refused his or her whole life to sow the seed of the word of God. “Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19) Disciple-making not only connects a person with God through obedience, but also makes him or her aware of those who have not obeyed and need to.

It really is not difficult to sow some seed in someone’s life. There are plenty of written materials you can place in someone’s hand. God does not hold you responsible for how many obey what they read, but rather He holds you responsible for how many you shared with something to read.