Weekly bulletin article by Mike Johnson

I googled the question, “What percentage of people work in the same field as their parents?” That search yielded a blog by a man named Miles Corak, a professor at the University of Ottawa, Canada. His answer to the question above is 40%. Now, I am not sure if that is a Canadian figure or a general figure including the US, but it is a good place to begin.

That figure makes sense to me. It might even seem a bit low. We all grow up in a home exposed to some kind of skill or occupation. It seems only natural that we would gravitate toward a similar field or skill sense that is what we have seen for the longest time.

It also makes sense that family and friends are our best source for getting into the workplace. It might be a family business or a friend who hires us into his business. It might be as small a connection as a recommendation by a friend that gets us into a particular work environment.

So, what about our spiritual work? How many of us are in the family business? The answer to that question is, I am sure, different from the answer to the following question. How many of us ought to be in the family business? The answer to the first question is not easy to determine. However, the answer to the second question is easy—100%!

The only response that each and every Christian should make to the family business is, “Sign me up! I will do it!” The family business is spreading the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus’ words, when He was only 12 years old, should ring in our ears constantly. “…I must be about My Father’s business.” (Luke 2:49)