Weekly bulletin article by Mike Johnson

Children can be the most exasperating, challenging, and frustrating people on the planet! They need constant attention. They, generally, do not receive discipline and teaching very well as we constantly have to go over the same material again and again. They fail. They fall. They fear. They require a lot of attention! They are tiring!

But, children can also be the most wonderful, insightful, and humbling people on the planet! The more time we spend around the youngest of them the more we learn from them because they have not yet developed the adult practice of secret agendas. They just tell it like it is.

There may be nothing more inspiring than watching children learn and grow. It reminds us adults of the times in our lives when we had curious minds and a great desire to know. And, when we hand out needed discipline, it is so wonderful when they crawl back into our laps apologetically seeking to make sure we still love them. And, we do! Unceasingly!

However you see and experience children, we can all agree on one thing. Children need guidance and training. Whatever they learn, they will learn from a source outside themselves. And, they will learn! Every parent has had the experience of a child coming home from school or from playing with neighborhood children and bringing with them something new they picked up from another child! You know what I mean! “Where did you hear that!?”

Since all children need training and encouragement, let us give them the best that we can. Our school-year-adopt-a-child begins this Sunday. We can make a difference in a child’s life and, thereby, in the Church! Let us be like Jesus who said, “Let the little children come to Me.” (Matthew 19:14)