Weekly bulletin article by Mike Johnson

An opportunity is an open door. An open door reveals other open doors that lead still to more open doors. That is what life is all about. One door leads to other doors creating the tapestry that is the life of an individual. We can all look back at our own tapestry and see how each open door led to the doors that define who we are.

God is in the business of opening doors. Paul wrote to the Colossians about that work. He wrote, “Continue…praying also for us, that God would open to us a door for the word…” (Colossians 4:2-4) In these words, Paul connects some important ideas with respect to God’s open doors.

First, prayer is a part of God’s open doors. Prayer testifies to God about the heart of an individual who desires to be in His will. God listens to those prayers and opens doors of opportunity. Those doors reveal paths for one to go deeper into the will of God.

Second, God opens doors for the purpose of spreading His word. His open doors put people who are looking for God in contact with those who can help them find Him. And, His open doors put those who know Him in situations to draw even closer to Him.

Third, God uses others in His open doors. Paul wanted the Colossians to pray that God’s open doors would provide a way for him to be of greater service to God.

Open doors work the same way for families. God can and will use our families to accomplish His will. We should continue to pray for His open doors and be willing to walk through them to bring the message of Jesus to those who need Him. Is your family ready and willing to work with God’s open doors? Will you be a family that God can use to teach and encourage others?