Weekly bulletin article by Mike Johnson

As my family can attest, I need many reminders of things that I am asked to do. I just get so busy in my own work that I forget very easily the tasks and errands I am supposed to run for someone.

It is easy to remember to be thankful when things are going well. When we can bow our heads without any adversity plaguing us and say to God, “Lord, thank you for every blessing in our lives…” Thankfulness is easy. However, the difficulty comes when we are consumed with trouble. My prayer, however, should still be the same.

Thankfulness in adversity is important for 3 reasons. We should be thankful even in adversity because there are still many blessings that have been granted to us that adversities tend to rob from our attention. We need to be reminded that we are still blessed people even while going through difficulties.

We should be thankful in adversity because thankfulness during difficulty is a powerful way of dealing with the trouble. During times of thankfulness, there is respite from the mental turmoil associated with the trouble.

We should be thankful in adversity because failure to be thankful is one of the worst things that anyone can do. Romans 1 describes the dastardly deeds of the heathen that made them guilty before God. Such things as homosexuality, idolatry, murder, strife, and many other horrible things are in that list. However, we need to remember that verse 21 includes a failure to be thankful as one of the things that led them down the pathway that ended in those ungodly acts. Thanklessness is thoughtlessness. Thoughtlessness is a failure to think about God. Who wants to be guilty of that?