Weekly bulletin article by Mike Johnson

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live the life of privilege in ways you never have before? There have been times that I have experienced a taste of the life of luxury as it relates to golf. I was taken to a private, exclusive course where there was a man who took my clubs out of the car, cleaned them, and put them on the golf cart while I was warming up at the driving range with balls provided for free!

I never allow a bellhop to take my luggage at a hotel because I can push the luggage cart myself. Furthermore, I don’t want to spend any money for that privilege. Now, some hotels have caught on forbidding the use of luggage carts by anyone except bellhops! I would love the privilege of a free bellhop!

Maybe your desire is to be pampered at a spa or salon or resort. Maybe you would like to experience the privilege of being spoiled by a first-class chef. Or, maybe you would just like to fly first-class on some extended trip. Whatever it is that fuels the thoughts of your fantasy privileges, it represents something that you long for in some fashion.

The life of grace is a life of privilege. It is not built on sensual pleasures and desires. It is not based on selfish thoughts. And, it is not a life that anyone gets to design in order for it to fit what you or I want. However, it is a life of privilege that can only be understood from the inside.

The privileged life of grace includes these things:

  • We are justified – Romans 3:24. What was wrong has been made right.
  • We are redeemed – Ephesians 1:7. The debt has been paid.
  • We have hope – II Thessalonians 2:16. We have confidence in our future.

And, there is so much more!