Have you ever searched for and purchased a particular thing only to find later that you had actually settled for something vastly inferior? Now, ladies I am not talking about that man you married! Although, I realize that some people really do settle in this most important decision of life.

I think everyone fell in love with the sweet little, old lady who became famous with these words, “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” We all felt sorry for her as she lay on the floor unable to stand up without help. Her plight touched a nerve with anyone who had a grandmother living alone.

Weekly bulletin article by Mike Johnson

Self-control would solve so many of our problems. Do you have health issues? Self-control in eating and exercising habits will solve so many of them. Do you have financial issues? Self-control in spending will solve so many of them. Do you have relationship issues? Self-control in our actions and reactions will solve so many of them.